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We have made some videos of our dog hunts, we are not very good at videos yet but we are trying to learn.

We hope you enjoy watching them


                       Squirrel Hunting Video of Wiggles 10/30/2017


Squirrel Hunting 9 -23 -2017     Squirrel hunting 2/  9- 30, 2017     


             Squirrel Hunting With Dogs  12-21 & 22- 2016 


   Squirrel Hunting with Dogs 12-06-2016  

Squirrel hunting dogs 11-07-2016                             

This video has Tiger, Goldie, and Sammie hunting

 Squirrel Hunting with Dogs    Part 01 on 2-07-2015


Squirrel Hunting with Dogs   Part 02 on 2-07-2015





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