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Thank you for visiting this page, or maybe I should say Dean's page.
He is the one who has been hunting and raising the squirrel dogs. He has been breeding this line of squirrel dogs for the past 20 years, and they are bred to hunt.

Dean does not train the dogs by dragging  a hide through the woods and take the dogs to smell the scent, and he doesn't use a hide, a caught squirrel or possum in a tree to get the dogs to tree.   
When the dogs are old enough Dean takes them to the woods, by themselves or with a trained older dog. Most of the time they go with him while he is riding a horse. While riding a horse Dean will jump a squirrel out for the dogs, it trains them to watch for the squirrel and learns them how to track it and tree. After a few times of going to the woods they learn to hunt and tree squirrels, they will practically train themselves with a little help from you. 

These dogs are very smart, loyal, affectionate, and they make a great companion, they love grown ups and children. They readily adapt to living outside, but they also make good house pets. As a puppy they bond to you and your family while growing up, and they are easy to train.

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Dean's brother has decided to sell his dog Wiggles. He is a 4 year old finished squirrel dog.

He is the yellow and white cur dog in the picture below.




Squirrel Hunting Video of Wiggles 10/30/2017


Little Bit   


Little Bit is joining Roxie, Ginger, and Tiger below in Virginia





This is a young 2 year old Cur that belongs to me and my son. He is starting out real good this fall.

He will tree his own squirrel, he timbers a squirrel good, and he hunts and handles the best.


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Dean Collins
Pomona, Missouri

Phone: 417-256-2199


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